Cynna Lemoncito
Cynna Lemoncito


PaidSearch.Pro is a PPC Marketing Agency who believes that digital marketing doesn’t have to break the bank in order to generate amazing results.





Branding, UX/UI, Website Design, Website Design & Development

The Challenge 

PaidSearch.Pro had been around from some time, helping small to medium size businesses elevate their digital marketing game. While focusing on rapid business growth, PaidSearch.Pro’s branding was left in afterthought.

Based in Toronto ON, PaidSearch.Pro is getting more recognized as a digital marketing agency. To keep up with the current expansion and demand, the team had approached me to give their brand and website a lift. 

The Approach

Catering to all kinds of people and businesses, the brand should be able to ensure trust and reliability at first glance. By working with ideas, design principles and visual imagery, we were able to identify the brand as a human-centered digital marketing agency here to help you and your business grow.


Working with a short timeframe, I had to prioritize only the important UX practices to deliver the end product on time. I immediately worked on mini-stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, rapid prototyping and interface design in a span of a week. Together with a Visual Builder, I was able to develop the site with UX and design in mind. A revisit of the analytics would be helpful to the overall UX after a few months.

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