Cynna Lemoncito
Cynna Lemoncito


Beyond the limits of traditional accounting and bookkeeping, CloudCFO empowers you with the information and tools you need to make strategic financial decisions about your business.





UX/UI, Website Design

The Challenge 

With flexible and customizable accounting and finance services that can be tailored to any business model, our goal was to redesign the website and be able to present the CloudCFO’s services and processes more efficient and less daunting.

Compared to the previous website content, this project requires us to present loads of accounting information. Since it was decided that we really can’t minimize the number of services present as well as the information to be displayed, the aim of this redesign is to make information accessible to the public eye, in less than a few clicks as possible.

The Process

Using the previous website’s data analytics, we were able to analyze which pages need to be improved. By analyzing the customer journey of the users,  we were able to draft a wireframe that will address the high bounce-rate of the site. Improvements have been dome by revisiting the content structure, highlighting important sections, placing CTA buttons properly, etc.

The Design

The site must also be aesthetically pleasing. There were no existing branding guidelines nor any assets yet, so I had to wing it and create custom icons, illustrations and images. I’ve been acquainted with the whole CloudCFO team and culture during the course of this project, so I wanted the design to reflect their fun and inviting culture.

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