I care for the brands that I work with. My goal is to help elevate brands to their fullest potential

I am a PH-based designer who likes to solve challenging problems creatively. My experience includes working with small and big brands in the marketing and advertising industry. My specializations include UX Design, Interaction Design, No Code Development, Branding & Identity, and Visual Communication.

I currently juggle my time being the head of design for a digital agency, a UX/UI designer for a design agencyfreelancing for small brands, taking film photos on weekends, and being a full-time purrent to my cat.

BTW, it’s pronounced /sigh-na/ 🤓


UX Design
Interaction Design
No Code Development
Visual Communication
Branding & Identity
Art Direction


Mapúa University
BS Multimedia Arts and Sciences
Major in Graphic Design, 2014